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Friday, October 07, 2005

Sha'Bat Sha'lom Whe'mvorach


الجمهورية اليمنية

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(A Shofer place on E-bay - Zucheh Lo - with a Lutvak accent).

Sorry for stealing your thunder Rabbi Wein but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to share this gem. Someone was auctioning off his Rosh Hashana seat at Ponovez on E-bay. The bidding is obviously over; had we known we could have bought it for Amshinover.

Duh Ken Men Zain


Our Newest (unknowing) Contributor


by Rabbi Berel Wein

Reprinted withOUT ANY permission from
- a collection of musings and observations

I wish to share with you a beautiful short story about the wonderful festival of Sukkot. The story was authored by S.Y. Agnon, the Israeli Nobel laureate who won the prize for literature a number of years ago, and whose likeness adorns the 50-shekel note in Israeli currency.

It seems that Agnon, who was born in Poland, was a neighbor of a famous old rabbi from Russia. Both of them are now living in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Talpiot. One year before Sukkot, Agnon met his rabbinic neighbor at the neighborhood store selling esrogim -- the yellow citron fruit which is symbolic of the Sukkot holiday. There Agnon noticed how meticulous his neighbor was in choosing an esrog. Even though he was a person of limited means, the rabbi insisted on purchasing the finest, and hence most expensive, esrog available. After examining many specimens, the rabbi finally chose the one he wished and paid for it.

Walking home with Agnon, the rabbi emphasized to him how important it was to have a beautiful, flawless esrog on Sukkot, and how the beauty of the esrog was part of the fulfillment of the Divine commandment for the holiday.

On Sukkot morning Agnon noticed that the rabbi was without an esrog at the synagogue services. Perplexed, Agnon asked the rabbi where his beautiful esrog was. The rabbi answered by relating the following incident:

"I awoke early, as is my wont, and prepared to recite the blessing over the esrog in my sukkah located on my balcony. As you know, we have a neighbor with a large family, and our balconies adjoin. As you also know, our neighbor, the father of all these children next door, is a man of short temper. Many times he shouts at them or even hits them for violating his rules and wishes. I have spoken to him many times about his harshness but to little avail.

"As I stood in the sukkah on my balcony, about to recite the blessing for the esrog, I heard a child's weeping coming from the next balcony. It was a little girl crying, one of the children of our neighbor. I walked over to find out what was wrong. She told me that she too had awakened early and had gone out on her balcony to examine her father's esrog, whose delightful appearance and fragrance fascinated her. Against her father's instructions, she removed the esrog from its protective box to examine it. She unfortunately dropped the esrog on the stone floor, irreparably damaging it and rendering it unacceptable for ritual use. She knew that her father would be enraged and would punish her severely, perhaps even violently. Hence the frightened tears and wails of apprehension.

"I comforted her, and I then took my esrog and placed it in her father's box, taking the damaged esrog to my premises. I told her to tell her father that his neighbor insisted that he accept the gift of the beautiful esrog, and that he would be honoring me and the holiday by so doing."

Agnon concludes the story by saying: "My rabbinic neighbor's damaged, bruised, ritually unusable esrog was the most beautiful esrog I have ever seen in my lifetime."

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Me BaAish?

Rosh Hashana services being held in a synagogue, came to a halt Tuesday when two congregants walked outside and one shot the other twice in the chest at point blank range.
Jonathan Samuels, 44, was felled outside the synagogue, in the Boca Hamptons Plaza. He was listed in critical condition at Delray Medical Center Tuesday night.
The shooter, Marc Benayer, 79, was arrested quickly at the scene by a Sheriff's deputy.
Sheriff's officials said the troubles between Benayer and Samuels had to do with a 52-year-old woman who once lived with Benayer and who worked in Samuels' electronics business, according to sheriff.After their relationship ended in November 2004, the woman unsuccessfully sought a restraining order against Benayer,Samuels and other employees tried to help her obtain the court order.

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Proud To Be An American


This is a night vision movie from Iraq, showing real live action
against Iraqi insurgents. The pictures were taken from a United States AC-130 Specter gunship two and a half miles away. The guys in the picture are setting up a roadside bomb and planning to ambush an American convoy which followed a short while after the pictures were taken.

They were setting up for the ambush and were pacing off the
distance from the bomb to where the convoy was to pass by.
Turn your sound up. The level of effort these crews put forth to
control the enemy's antics is commendable, and their marksmanship with those electronically controlled 40mm cannons is astounding.

Tap here to see The Few, the Proud


HATTIP Gandalf 23

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Today during sleichos I felt I betrayed the memory of Gedaliah Ben Ah’chekum. Today was set aside to commemorate the assassination of Gedaliah, the administrator of the Jews in Judah after the destruction of the Mikdash in 586 BCE.
His story is told in Malachim (2 25:22-26) and Yermeyah (39:13-14; 40:1-41:18).He is refered to as Gedaliah son of Ah’chekum and grandson of Sha'phan. Gedeliah's power, however, did not last long. The king of Ammon,had Gedaliah assassinated. The Fast is mentioned in Rosh Hashanah (18b),for the third day of Tishrei; Zechariah(7:5; 8:19) refers only to the month. The Rabunim add that a fast day is designated to commemorate his death because the death of a righteous man is as tragic as the burning of the Mikdash. Le’chedud Be’Alma- Gedaliah’s seal was found at Lachish (southwest of Jerusalem), dating to roughly 600 BCE, bears the inscription, "Gedalyahu, who is over the house."

My betrayal was as follows:

Towards the end of sleichos we say "The one who answered to Avraham answer me……. The one who answered to all the righteous, the pure .the holy, kind ones, answer me".
What about Gedaliah Ben Ah’chekum, was he not righteous, pure, holy, and kind?Where is his answer?
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