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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Me BaAish?

Rosh Hashana services being held in a synagogue, came to a halt Tuesday when two congregants walked outside and one shot the other twice in the chest at point blank range.
Jonathan Samuels, 44, was felled outside the synagogue, in the Boca Hamptons Plaza. He was listed in critical condition at Delray Medical Center Tuesday night.
The shooter, Marc Benayer, 79, was arrested quickly at the scene by a Sheriff's deputy.
Sheriff's officials said the troubles between Benayer and Samuels had to do with a 52-year-old woman who once lived with Benayer and who worked in Samuels' electronics business, according to sheriff.After their relationship ended in November 2004, the woman unsuccessfully sought a restraining order against Benayer,Samuels and other employees tried to help her obtain the court order.

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