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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Misled Misnagdem


In a passing remark made in the Mishna (Bava Kama 6.6 ) we find that the place for a Menora is the doorway closes to the public (Shulchan Orach 671:5). But as of late this tradition was lost to us and many light at the window or indoors between door posts. (Or Zaroa Chanuka 323, Orcahs Chaim ois 3 , Bach “VeNera”)
The issue to me is if both the Rama in Darchei Moshe (671, 9) and the Aruch Hashulchan (24) want us to light indoors not at the window (for fear of goyim and kids and a slew of other reasons ). Why do the Litvaks light in the window? See Ner Yisrael [no, not the retards in Baltimore] and the Benei Yisuscher Kislev 3.

Most important is to see the Rugachver on the Rambam ( Tzofnos Panach megilla 1,3 ) that with the negation of Megillas Taanes , there is no longer Parsumay Neesa [ the mitzvah of publicizing miracles] and ultimately no reason to light publicly or in the window and no berchas haroah either {shhhh!!!! don’t tell chabad , by the way the Rugachver was from a Chabad family}.See also Shu”t Imrei Noam (2,29) and Nemuka Ora Chaim .

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