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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

for lkwd guy


NJ Rabbi Bans Internet in Homes
Says Dangers Outweigh the Benefits
Nov 22, 2005 3:31 pm US/Eastern(WCBS)
Members of an Orthodox Jewish community in Lakewood, New Jersey are pulling the plug on the Internet, WCBS 880’s Jim Taylor reports.Rabbi Moshe Weisberg says the dangers simply outweigh the benefits of Internet access in the home. Failure to abide by the rule will result in a student's expulsion from the yeshiva, the Orthodox school they attend. Weisberg says there's a flood of support from the community, with parents calling to thank him for ordering them to get the Internet out of their home.To hear Taylor's complete interview with Rabbi Weisberg,

click on the audio link at right HERE .

Profile: Weisberg assists where it's necessary
Published in the Asbury Park Press
Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg is like many of the men who live in what some view as the mecca of Orthodox Judaism.
Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg runs the Lakewood Community Services Corp. His father was one of the inaugural students at Lakewood's Beth Medrash Govoha, the country's largest rabbinical college, when its first class entered in 1943.
Weisberg's family moved to Brooklyn, and he returned to Lakewood as a 19-year-old student at the college.
He's now 50 and still hasn't left.
In fact, he's a pillar in the Orthodox community, a recognized face for Latino immigrants learning English and a trusted friend to elected officials.
"A couple of years back, both on a personal level and on a communal level, there was a strong feeling it was time to give back and get more involved," Weisberg said. "There's a tremendous amount of satisfaction when you're able to provide programs and services that benefit people."
About 10 years ago, members of the Orthodox community needed someone to represent them -- behind the scenes most of the time, but publicly if the issue warranted it -- and Weisberg was tapped.
He thinks it's because his experience dealing with the federal government for work -- his day job is as a financial consultant to colleges and universities -- made him a natural to help navigate government at home.
In 1997, Weisberg helped incorporate the Lakewood Community Services Corp., a nonprofit agency that now does everything from running English as a Second Language classes to ferrying kosher meals to homebound senior citizens.
Weisberg, now president of the corporation, also sits on the Vaad, a council of leaders in the Orthodox community that helps residents with problems ranging from the pedantic to the pressing.
But Weisberg doesn't see himself as a leader. He just helps where it's necessary.
"The more you get involved, the more you see successful outcomes," Weisberg said. "You give (people) a little bit and they're able to use that little bit and .'.'. better their lives. You can't beat that."



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  • At 11/23/2005 7:33 AM, Anonymous david said…

    you're too cynical,lighten up.

  • At 11/23/2005 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i wish you'd rename your blog Mamayven Yavin (shame, it's taken) because half the time, i have no idea what the hell you're talking about, though I imagine you do.


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