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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

of G-d and his people (part2)


I decided to write a few essays covering the topic of our relationship with HaShem.I assume many of you will ignore them ,some of you will enjoy and that most of you could be offended.But know this I love G-d, perhaps not as you do; to me He is part of my family and as such subject to things "family".
On most Shabusim in many Askanaze* shuls there is a tradition to say Av Harachmem (a prayer for the extraction of revenge from our enemies). In my Shul as in many others when the Rebba is not there; on an occasion which may or may not need Av Harachmem to be said, Jews are ‘nohag’ to fight about it.

Well one week this summer the Rebba was upstate and it was one of those occasions, the gloves were off and most of the shul could NOT have cared less. But one guest kept yelling “No Av Harachmem, no Av Harachmem, this week there is no Av Harachmem”. And so keeping with tradition I broke into fight mode “Av Harachmem, Av Harachmem, this week there IS Av Harachmem”.

Guest’s Logic: That evening was going to be Tisha a’Bov and normally Tachnun (prayer for repenting) is not said on the day before Tisha a’Bov; since Av Harachmem is not said on a day Tachnun is not said, Av Harachmem was not to be said.

Me’s Logic: His math was correct aside for one over sight Tachnun is said when WE sin. Av Harachmem is said when HE sins, since it was right before the most destructive day of Jewish history we said the prayer.

*Yes Mar {garita}Gavriel I know Yeekas only say it on Shabus Chazon

-amshinover:if you have nothing nice to say, say it here


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