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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Ta'am of Shabus


טָעֲמָה, כִּי-טוֹב סַחְרָהּ Taste her merchandise as it is good.

If you use simple three-dimensional geometry for understanding a black hole (a sphere, Schwarzschild's black hole), the surface is known as the "Event Horizon". Behind this horizon, the massive pull of gravity is overwhelming and no information, no understanding, none of the sensations and meanings within the black hole's interior can ever escape to the outside universe.
So to is our Shabus.

-amshinover:if you have nothing nice to say, say it here


  • At 9/16/2005 8:37 AM, Blogger Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said…

    I prefer to think of Shabbos as an alternate dimension. Black holes are so... final...

  • At 9/16/2005 8:46 AM, Blogger Shragie said…


    I was mechaven to you. It is unbelievable. We must be related somehow.

    I think I will make a more elaborate post at a later date. here it is in short.

    According to AJ Heschel Shabbos involves the exchange between space and time. Beautiful idea.

    However, according to Jim Morrison (Yes, of the doors) there is an even deeper idea. I believe this is what Amshi is referring to.

    ...Break on through to the other side...

    Time, as we generally think of it, is not fixed but is constantly passing in one long direction.

    However, there is dissension among many that time, like space, is an entity that exists without flowing in any direction and that the apparent passage of time is an illusion. (As we know, Einstein's theories of relativity propose that both speed and gravity can alter time thus disputing the notion of a singlr direction time)

    Then there is the world of the soul, where past, present, and future converge. This is Shabbos.

    …..Made the scene, week to week, day to day, hour to hour. The gate is strait, deep, and wide. Break on through to the other side. Break on through to the other side. Break on through, break on through . . . .

  • At 9/16/2005 9:05 AM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    STEG have you been behind the horizon to know that Black holes are so... final...
    Shragie ME you related HUH?we are strangers
    People are strange when you're a stranger
    Faces look ugly when you're alone
    Women seem wicked when you're unwanted
    Streets are uneven when you're down

    When you're strange
    Faces come out of the rain
    When you're strange
    No one remembers your name
    When you're strange
    When you're strange
    When you're strange

  • At 9/16/2005 9:13 AM, Blogger Shragie said…

    The future is uncertain and the end is always near

  • At 9/16/2005 10:33 AM, Blogger Chandira said…

    Alright! Do it...

    Great post and comments..

    Thanks for giving me a great earworm this morning.. :-)

  • At 9/16/2005 10:36 AM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    anytime shiksa so vhen ya com'n over fur da shabus

  • At 9/16/2005 10:42 AM, Blogger Chandira said…

    I'm invited? Cool..

  • At 9/16/2005 11:07 AM, Anonymous GROOVY said…



  • At 9/16/2005 11:20 AM, Anonymous Malkiel A. K. said…



  • At 9/16/2005 1:02 PM, Anonymous Rizhinor said…

    mach mir nisht mishiga, hust is meinense ass iz manse.

    a gutten.


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