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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's Like We're Blind

Leaders of the Iraqi Jewish community are planing to demand compensation for lost assets.
Mordechai Ben-Porat, of Israel's Center for the Heritage of Babylonian Jewry"The Jews left behind hospitals, schools, cemeteries, shopping markets," Some have estimated the value of the properties to be billions of dollars.The Iraqi Jewish community was among the largest Jewish Diaspora communities in the Arab world, numbering some 140,000, but most of the community left Iraq between 1950 and 1952, after the creation of the State of Israel. They left behind homes, businesses and large pieces of land. Most of those assets were frozen, some were taken by the government and some were sold.
However Haddad, originally from Iraq and now a US citizen, told the Post that he did not expect the Iraqi government to listen to them. "I don't think anything will come of it."
Ben-Porat also wants to demand that the Iraqi government fix up the graves of Jewish prophets around Iraq. "We know the tombs are in very bad shape," said Ben-Porat and claimed he had the photos and videos to prove it. He asserted that large plots of land near the grave of the Prophet Ezekiel in the city of Chifel belong to the Jews.
The group also plans to demand that Iraqi synagogues and cemeteries be cared for. "There were 53 synagogues in Baghdad," said Ben-Porat.

During the preparation of the first of the Iraqi constitution, Sunnis had expressed concern that the Jews who had emigrated to Israel may come back thanks to certian articles. If these articles remain as it is and Israelis benefit from it (the constitution permits dual nationality as an automatic right), the issue will definitely disturb the Shiites as well as the Sunnis.
More worrying is a provision in Article 2: "This constitution shall guarantee the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people and shall guarantee the full religious rights of all individuals in the freedom of belief and religious practice to the followers of the Christian, Yazidis, and Mandi Sabean religions." It excludes Baha'is and Jews.
Hello these people don't want us there bothering them and they are not about to return anything to us. But, no the Jew will never stop hoping for a better tomorrow, a better situation, a better job, a better Diaspora, a better goy. Don't hold your breath.

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  • At 8/31/2005 12:08 PM, Blogger Shragie said…

    If Gazan Jews can be forced to leave their homes as part of some sick retribution to Arabs then Jews can get compensated for having been robbed.

  • At 8/31/2005 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    no you can't, unless sharon is president of iraq?

  • At 8/31/2005 2:58 PM, Blogger Little Wolf said…

    Unfortunately I don't think the Iraqi's will ever acknowledge that the reparations are due. It would be admitting that they once had Jews living among them and that sort of defeats the purpose of establishing an Islamic state. I am actually suprised that they are allowing the practice of any other religion in the new Islamic Paradise.


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