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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Peace ?

Less than 48 hours after Israel removed all Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip in preparation for its handover to the Palestinians next month.A British Mir Yeshiva student was stabbed to death by a Palestinian in Yerushlaim, yesterday with a kitchen knife .
Shmuel Matt, just 21 years old so instead of preparing to get married in three months, Shmuel Matt will be buried in Jerusalem.He'd only been in Israel about a year-and-a-half.
A second student, Sammy Weissbard, 20, of New York, was wounded in the same assault.
This happened on a main shopping street near the Old City's Jaffa Gate at about 8:30 pm as the two were walking with a third man from the Kosel. And no one has been arrested.


Police were called to the scene when the victim's sister asked hospital officials not to give the body to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute, upon denial of the request hundreds of yeshiva students blocked the hospital entrance to prevent the body's transfer.His sister said despite everything this family is going through, the police are not negotiating .And so protesters burn garbage, stone police to protest transfer to the forensic lab at Abu Kabir.

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  • At 8/25/2005 8:29 AM, Blogger orthomom said…

    This is a tragic story. Though the autopsy did NOT take place, apparently due to negotiations.

  • At 8/25/2005 8:31 AM, Blogger Shragie said…


    The family of the victim should convert to Islamk. This way the police would have to respect their religous convictions.

  • At 8/25/2005 8:58 AM, Blogger Mirty said…

    Horrible. I was at that same spot a few weeks ago with my kids.

  • At 8/25/2005 9:05 AM, Anonymous der shvuger said…

    welcome to begining of the march for jerusalem. ALLAH AKBAR??

  • At 8/25/2005 9:06 AM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    it kills me,and right after gaza.UGH!!!!!!!!!

  • At 8/25/2005 9:09 AM, Anonymous Amshi's Remus said…

    These are the types of things I think we are going to see more of.

    What really bothered me yesterday was a Reuters report that tried to link this to the young man who shot the Arabs on the bus.

  • At 8/25/2005 9:11 AM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    i saw that on your blog

  • At 8/25/2005 3:58 PM, Anonymous cosmo said…


    Sad but unfortunately true. it seems everyone will bend over backwards for the pallestenians.

    I am actually surprised they started so soon. I am curious how Sharon responds to this.


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