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Monday, August 01, 2005

MO kabblah

Many of the bloggers love to mock Zohar and kabbalah,I feel like saying "JUST LEARN".To raise themselves via belittling others is so very TOBYKATZ.And so I went and found a mild bomb in their structure.A regular rationalist in fact the king of all MO,has a little skeleton,i'd like to share.
My thing is to learn about the parsha on shabus,the advantage being I get to hear everyoneelse out first.The BIG con is all my divraei torah is a week late (thats what living in Amshinov is all about).Anyway I found this really far out hezber in the differences between Shavoos and Nedarim,in Rabbi Riechmann's collection of shurim from The Rav ZT'L (Rav Yosef Dov Soloveichik of boston).It can be found in the syuim on nederem(pg 156) and is very not litvish or modern.
The ramban on matos {30,3} states that a shevooah is said in HIS name {bah'hashem} and a neder is lahashem.This idea is explained in the sifrei,that a neder is made on the king proper and a shavooah is on the kings's life.As we know Shevooah is from the word shiva.

And so RYBS brings proves from the Rambam that halachicaly shavoos are on G-d personally.My understanding of RYBS is as follows:
The issue of shavoos is to sware honestly,without falsehood and the Lord's name is brought in to underline the validity of the statement.And therefore it is a mitzvah to sware truthfully,when you must sware in bais din," in my Name" as the Rambam proves this from a posek that a shavooah in the great and holy Name is service to HaShem.
And he continues, a false shavooah is mechallel shem hashem and can't be totally remedied as the Rambam proves from a posek "lo yenakah hashem"continues the rambam that therefore one shouldbe more careful with this then other sins(ie spelling and grammer).
As the Ramban said shevooah is from shiva, which are the amount of lower seferos (7) G-d runs this world with and they are the real truth don't violate them via false swearings(7).
Neder on the other hand is the king himself , a neder is not a creation of a new issur,but rather it latches on to a prexisting holiness in an item.And all holiness is from the G-dself (my own word;) i like it too).which is the source for all nidrei issur.Therefore the Lord's name is NEVER
brought into a neder,they are already in the border of holy(kidshai shemayim).
Therefore the ramban says that a neder is in the G-dself.
RYBS continues: neder is from binah part of the higher seferic grouping unlike shavoos(see la'el).As the Sharrie Orah tells us that binah "reveals the light of keser,pulling the higher shea'phah from the source to the 7 lower seferos". Therefore binah(neder) is the source
of holiness revealed in the G-dself.
Therefore RYBS concludes, neder is lahashem because the essences of neder is sanctified in holy and testifies to Govoah.Shavooah on the otherhand is ba'Hashem, the man sanctifies.Neder is therefore cheftzah and shavooah is gavrah(briskers can never leave that alone)

-amshinover lives in amshinov plus or minus a week


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