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Friday, July 29, 2005


The Associated Press

- Responding to Israeli criticism, the Vatican on Thursday said it hasn't condemned every strike by Palestinian militants against the Jewish state because Israel's military response to the attacks has sometimes violated international law.The Foreign Ministry had complained that Benedict, in a public appearance at his Alpine vacation retreat on Sunday, "deliberately" didn't mention a July 12 suicide bombing in the coastal city of Netanya while the pontiff did refer to recent terror strikes in Egypt, Britain, Turkey and Iraq.

"It's not always possible to immediately follow every attack against Israel with a public statement of condemnation, and for various reasons, among them the fact that the attacks against Israel sometimes were followed by immediate Israeli reactions not always compatible with the rules of international law," a statement from the Vatican press office said Thursday night."It would thus be impossible to condemn the first (the terror strikes) and let the second (Israeli retaliation) pass in silence," said the Vatican statement, which had an unusually strong tone for the Holy See."

-amshinover lives in amshinov plus or minus a week


  • At 7/29/2005 8:56 AM, Blogger Still Wonderin' said…

    It took a WEEK to come up with that bullshit response. Why don't they just admit it: they hate jews!

  • At 7/29/2005 8:58 AM, Blogger Still Wonderin' said…

    basically, they're saying they can't up with the pace of arab attacks. They need time to meet and parse.
    ogh Boy! Someone should speak to these arabs and tell them to slow down the pace so the fu**ers in the vatican will have enough time to vote on how to respond to every attack!!!!!!!! bastards

  • At 7/29/2005 9:01 AM, Blogger orthomom said…

    Yeah, this is a crappy response. I, for one, don't know what all of our alleged great relations with the Vatican get us if they are still making statements like this.

  • At 7/29/2005 9:05 AM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    see here is a pope whose funeral i want to go to.SOON.[as an aside please mr.Still wondern' if you'll kindly refain from any censorship here(see above fu**ers)as the title "says no quarter asked,no quarter given".]

  • At 7/29/2005 9:07 AM, Blogger orthomom said…

    " see here is a pope whose funeral i want to go to.SOON."

  • At 7/29/2005 9:11 AM, Blogger Krum as a bagel said…

    When I saw this post, I was concenred, Amshi. Punctuation, white space between words, appropriate use of capatilization. I thought they got to you. Then when I realized that this was a cut and paste.

  • At 7/29/2005 9:16 AM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    i quess that is what "The Associated Press" at the top means.

  • At 8/01/2005 7:00 AM, Blogger Shragie said…

    What's worse some Pope who cries phony croc tears for Jews but behind closed doors is the pontiff we knew for 2000 years or some German bastard who can't control his hate?


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