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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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Many feel the M16 is by far the more superior weapon . It's lighter, more accurate, more versatile, and with proper maintenance it is very reliable. Indeed, it might be less sand proof then the Galil/AK47 series. However, all you need is to clean it once a day and it will work properly. Since modern armies clean their smallarms on a daily even during combat deployment this is a non-issue.
In fact, most of the myth regarding the M16 unreliability date back to the Vietnam War when the M16 was first issued. The 5.56 ammunition given then to the troops used a low quality sticky powder that caused massive buildup of dirt in the M16 mechanism and eventually to jamming problems. When the ammunition was changed, the misfire problems disappeared as well.

M-16 Pros & Cons
It's lighter,
more accurate,
more versatile,
allow numerous modifications to be made such as mounting various uppers
The 5.56 ammunition
reliable with proper maintenance

AK-47 Pros & Cons
The AK-47 is a very effective weapon with great power
It has a very high rate of fire
comes at a very reasonable price.
simple to operate, clean, and repair
Very loud noise
it's heavy
not as accurate as most military rifles
any optics require special adapters
Many people don't like the AK safety mechanism

The AK-47 was designed also with a different bolt assembly, a rolling bolt type I believe (correct me if I am wrong), Mr. Kalashnikov verifies this in a History Channel special on the AK, in which he refutes claims by some that he copied the MP-44 design, which leads me to believe that he had his own ideas as far as what mechanism would drive the gun as the two are fairly different. Perhaps he just saw the skeleton/frame of MP-44 as effective, and therefore used it. One could make a rough car analogy out of this, say taking the body of a Camaro and making our own body fairly similar, but putting a Ferrari's inner-mechanism in there (remember this analogy is ROUGH, lol). As far as saying that 5.56 round was made to "neutralize" the enemy, I believe this is more of a political word play anything else. The trend nowadays is indeed the smaller 5.56x45 cartridge (and it's Russian counterpart the 5.45x39 used in the AK-74, however this is rumored to be deemed to switch to a 6mm by the Russians, probably not soon though, considering funding is not very good) because one can still make them high-powered with high velicities and therefore good penetration from a smaller round. The smaller round was not only adopted because it would have similar effectiveness and less recoil, but also to allow soldiers to increase the amount of ammunition that they carry without any additional weight when switching from the .30 and 7.62 rounds. The 7.62mm round can rip through kevlar fairly easily, and so can the 5.56 and 5.45 cartridges. The American military for example gives its frontline soldiers bullet-proof vests that have steel and ceramic armor plates which can and do indeed stop the 7.62 rounds. This is Level III and Level IV protection that cannot be given just by kevlar, as shown by the first dead American soldier in the recent Gulf War II. The ceramic plate in the vest does not go all the way up and down the vest, as it mostly protects the chest and most of the abdomen. The first dead American soldier was shot in very lower part of his abdomen where the ceramic plate does not reach and he died, while his partner was shot in the chest and was actually put back into action the same day with no injury, both being shot by an AK-47's 7.62x39 round. The reason the Russians switched from the 7.62 to the 5.45, besides the weight and recoil factors addresed earlier, was the the 7.62x39 had a fairly low velocity . This caused real ineffectiveness beyond 300 meters and strange and sudden dropoff in trajectory. However being wider and going slow does have its benefits up close where bones are not only penetrated but shattered. The high-velocity round that the 5.45mm is gets its effectiveness and penetration from velocity, and has a good trajectory, the AK-74 being significantly more accurate in field tests than the AK-47 at both long and short ranges. As far as having a choice weapon, I think it would really depend on the situation. In Vietnam, it would have to be tough so probably the AK, but in an urban envirnment, why not reap the advantages of the more accurate M-16, the accuracy coming from the tight-tolerances which the AK lacks (and the problems associated with the reliability of them.) An all around choice weapon would probably be an AK-74 chambered for the 5.56x45 cartridge, simply because of the reliability of the AK, and the American ammunition because even the Russians have admitted the 5.56 round to be more accurate than their 5.45x39


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