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Monday, September 19, 2005

If Bubbe had had a beard...


We would call her Zayde.

Thats what my Bubbe always told me.

If we would give land to the Arabs then they would act in a civil manner. That's what the world always told me. Well, during the last week or so our Ishmael cousins have continued in their civil ways.


  1. They sacked and burned many of the two dozen synagogue facilities left to stand in the abandoned Gaza settlements, as Palestinian police stood by .
  2. They looted greenhouses that were left behind that the Palestinian Authority hopes to employ as part of its plan to rebuild the economy in Gaza.
  3. They smuggled hundreds of assault rifles from Egypt into Gaza.
  4. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas pledged he will not "confront" Hamas ”We never had any intention to have a confrontation with Hamas or with others. We want to solve all our problems through negotiations."
  5. Muslim men burned down 14 homes belonging to Christian families near Ramallah in the West Bank because they believed that a 23-year-old woman from their village was romantically involved with a Christian man from Taybeh. The woman had already been murdered by family members.
  6. PA security adviser Moussa Arafat, Yasser Arafat's cousin, was murdered gangland-style only a few blocks from Abbas' house in Gaza City.
  7. There have already been bombings and other attacks that killed or wounded Israelis

The point is: No matter what she will always be Bubbe



  • At 9/19/2005 11:50 AM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    but shragie,
    bubbe did have a beard?

  • At 9/19/2005 11:52 AM, Blogger Shragie said…

    That's my point. She was still a bubbe not a Zayde. These arabs are subhumans who are being awarded human trimmings.

  • At 9/19/2005 12:36 PM, Blogger DovBear said…

    I am offended by your use of the word "subhuman." It reminds me of something I read in der sturmer.

  • At 9/19/2005 12:52 PM, Blogger Shragie said…

    May I advise the following

    When you see the word sub-human make believe I am refering to

    A) A Jew from Boro park or Williamsburgh (A Heimeshe yid)

    B) A Jew who lives on the shtachim

    C) A Jew who used to live in gaza but was expelled

    I am sure this will not only alleviate any unpleasantness or offensiveness it will even make you feel at home.

  • At 9/19/2005 12:57 PM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    Shragie May I advise the following

    When you see the word sub-human make believe I am refering to

    A) A Jew from teaneck
    B) A Jew who lives in queens
    C) A Jew who went to college
    d)gil student
    I am sure this will not only alleviate any unpleasantness or offensiveness it will even make you feel at home.

  • At 9/19/2005 12:58 PM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    i know it works for me

  • At 9/19/2005 1:01 PM, Anonymous Toph Eggers said…

    Hey you

    afar from all racist differences, you really really make me sick. If all Israelis are like you, then no wonder Palestine People are going off raging against you. Its a dear shame people are like this; Im not saying theyre right to do the things theyre doing.. but if you mention peoples faults, MENTION YOUR OWN FIRST. Israelis arent any better (and im specifically saying ISRAEL PEOPLE because Jews have nothing to do with it. This is not about religion anymore, this is about dear hate between 2 peoples).

    You really should be ashamed; instead of listing the facts of what "they have done", list both, and try to set an example of an acknowledger, someone who sees the faults and mistakes of his own kind before bashing down another. Just a hint here: Im not Palestine, Im not Israeli. Im not Jewish and Im not Muslim but it pisses me off to see people like you have a freedom of speech, with that lack of intelligence.

  • At 9/19/2005 1:03 PM, Blogger Shragie said…


    Not nice.

    The only group that merits the accolade of sub-humans are those that behave as such. I refer to vile Jew haters )such as so called palestinians) including the self hating variety.

  • At 9/19/2005 1:07 PM, Blogger DovBear said…

    Shragie. I don't hate Jews. I hate you. And when you call Arabs "subhuman" you're not behaving like a Jew.

    (I like Amshi, though. When are you going to toss this rascist yokel of a partner of yours overboard??)

  • At 9/19/2005 1:28 PM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    this rascist yokel of a partner happens to be as our prez said"he's not heavy(chunky round the middle maybe), he's my brother"

  • At 9/19/2005 1:32 PM, Blogger Shragie said…

    Toph eggers,

    >You really should be ashamed; instead of listing the facts of what "they have done", list both,

    OK go ahead list both.

    We don’t necessarily disagree here. I am in no way implying that the Israelis or Jews are perfect. I just abhor the idea of innocent people getting killed.

    In the capacity of a) terror b) the agreement of land for peace, the civility displayed by the Palestinians is appalling. I am in no way implying that the Israelis or jews are perfect or that each individual “Palestinian” is inherently evil. I am saying that violent atrocities are being committed and not by a small minority mind you.

    Furthermore, by not reprimanding them for despicable actions such as the one delineated in the blog the world is pleading for more atrocities. By the rest of us keeping still and even stating that we need to look at both sides when it is evident that terrorist activities are being committed by a certain group is not merely irresponsible it creates a measure of culpability.

    I repeat, you imply that this is a 2 sided problem and that I lack the intelligence to see it. Change my mind.

  • At 9/19/2005 1:45 PM, Blogger Shragie said…

    Dov bear,

    Any individual hellbent on destroying Israel or jews is a sub-human.

    2 simple details that lead all to draw an opinion about you

    A) you employ repulsive epithets and stereotyping for certain observant Jews solely based on the actions of a few. Many of your attitudes towards these people are

    b) you get offended when others express any disdain for other human beings other than the groups I refer to in a)

    You feign morals and ethics that you don’t believe – the opinion that you cause all to paint of yourself is that of a hypocrite.

    Furthermore, your inability to formulate an opinion without infantile repertoire and to constantly divert attention towards tiny minutia is dim as well as being a waste of time.

  • At 9/19/2005 1:56 PM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    Shragie slays BEAR. Film @ 11

  • At 9/19/2005 1:57 PM, Blogger RuchniGashmi said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 9/19/2005 1:59 PM, Blogger RuchniGashmi said…

    Once we're on the subject of posting pictures of women on our blogs- check my blog out and let me know what you think- Warning! it's PG13 rated-

  • At 9/19/2005 2:05 PM, Anonymous Hagoan Harav Malkiel A K said…


    Let’s klehr.

    You can’t stomach the fact that Shragie referred to the Arabs who burn shuls and commit acts of terror as subhuman.

    Do you disagree – do you think that they are not subhuman?


    Do you have a job? Call the Agudah for employment.

  • At 9/19/2005 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Israelis arent any better"

    oh, okay. I guess the Israelis don't try and cultivate the land, instead they just run around like crazy stealing the supplies so it's impossible to have any sort of decent economy. And I guess Israelis shoot Palestinian mothers and their 4 kids in the head, just for the hell of it.

    Yeah, those damn Israelis.

  • At 9/20/2005 4:27 AM, Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said…

    Amshi: Teaneck Jews aren't subhuman; Teaneck Shenishba means its not their fault. (and my brother lives in Teaneck, though I beg him weekly to move to the Muqata) I even grew up there...till I made it out.

    DB: Arabs that teach their children to be suicide bombers, and have an 85% approval rating for such actions, have voluntarily removed themselves from having "tzelem enosh". You don't like the term "sub-human" -- how about "Palestinians - an insult to humanity"

    There's an author in Israel, who used to be "pro-peace" and sympathetic to the Palestinians. However, being present at the hotel pesach seder bombing 4 years ago radically changed her mind. I used to be much more open-minded towards them, till I got to know them better. Boy, do I know them better now. They STONE MDA ambulances when we go INTO ARAB areas - to HELP THEM. Big Mistake. Then, these non-animals use ambualnces to transport bombs and terrorists pastIDF checkpoints, to blow up Jews.

    Tell me, does it bother you if I refer to "Amalek" as "animals" ? We had to kill them wholesale.

  • At 9/20/2005 6:39 AM, Blogger Shragie said…

    Lakewood Guy (AKA Malkiel A Kotler)

    When you ask "Do you have a job" – youre joking right?

  • At 9/20/2005 7:13 AM, Blogger Shragie said…


    We shared similar experiences. At first I also thought that patience for “Palestinians” was the best solution. (I don’t think the operative word is open minded, as you employ, I think it is patience. )

    While I sincerely mourn the Jewish losses I feel that Israel has a moral obligation as the Jewish state to treat each human being in a manner that befits the name “Gods people”. Patience was required because it was the right thing to do. Up to a point. This point was passed miles and miles ago. If and when the Palestinians prove that they have respect for life then they should be respected as gods unique creation called man. Being human is not an automatic accolade it must be earned.Compassion towards the cruel leads to cruelty for the compassion. Currently, the value of life should be focused on the people getting losing their lives and children

    Israel did the right thing by giving them a chance. It was necessary for the sanctity of life – now the sanctity of life requires different measures.

  • At 9/29/2005 7:57 AM, Anonymous BrooklynBloggerBabe said…

    And zaidy made us laugh, and zaidy made us sing, and zaidy made us kiddush fiday night........


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