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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ain't gonna work on Saturday


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Some credit cards offer you air miles. Others offer discounts on a car purchase. Now, an Israeli bank has come up with an entirely new market strategy: a card that might help shoppers score some points in the world to come.

The new card, from major financial institution Bank Leumi, won't work its magic on Shabbat. And even on non-holy days, it will never function at a store that stays open on Shabbat.
The makers of the card want to make it unusable at stores that do not keep the Sabbath, primarily so non-observant retailers may feel the pinch of staying open on Shabbat. That's because many observant merchants have complained in the past that they are being driven out of business by competitors who do trade on Shabbat.

Presently, most ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel do not own a credit card. All it would take is an added microchip to turn a regular credit card into a shomer-Shabbat one.

Benefits for Sabbath-observant stores are not unprecedented. Car-insurers, for example, give discounts to clients who affirm they will not drive on Shabbat; and some public pools offer reduced six-days-a-week memberships.

What's the biggest upshot for the card?

If an Orthodox Jew's wallet is stolen on Friday afternoon, even the most secular of Jews can't fraudulently use the card for at least 25 hours

Now if only they could find a way for my wife to stop using it.

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