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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Never Again? Again and Again

One of the two victims assaulted brutally in Kiev Sunday is in a coma after undergoing brain surgery yesterday. His doctors report that he is hovering "between life and death." Eduard Dolinsky, executive vice-president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, said that no suspects have been apprehended, despite the fact that the skinheads were seen committing the crime and they "hang out in a public square everyday and the police know them."

Rabbi Meir Kahane (May God avenge his blood) explained "never again" as meaning never will 1 Jew on 1 side of the world remain silent while his brother suffers. This adage has has always been deemed blasphemous.

Well, last week 10,000 Jews were expelled out of a land which they paid for with blood sweat and tears. This week the honorable Ukranians reminded us what my Grandpa told me. Both events did not warrant so much as a peep from United States Jewry.

Jews cry to God - Ad Mosei - Until when God? He cries also - Until when Jews? I don't think Never Again is blasphemy as much as it is fictitious

-Shragie Dreams of amshinov plus or minus a week


  • At 8/30/2005 2:20 PM, Blogger AMSHINOVER said…

    like moshach told the navi i'll come hayom if...

  • At 8/30/2005 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The settlers would have left the Gaza like dogs with their tails between their legs if the IDF just pulled out.

    Some fanatics would have stayed behind to be slaughtered by the Arabs but again maybe not. Why pass up money and subsidized housing in the West Bank?

    The settlers and other pampered fanatics get no sympathy from American Jews and most Israelis because they deserve none!


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